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Babies need books. Parents need books. READ TO ME encourages parents to read books to their babies. The READ TO ME program is an organized series of workshops to get young parents to know and trust the pleasures contained in picture books for children.

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Reading With Babies,
Toddlers & Twos
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The READ TO ME PROGRAM is an organized series of interactive workshops to get parents to know and trust the pleasures of picture books for children. This website offers useful information & tips about reading with babies, toddlers & 2s. We have our award winning bilingual DVD & Guide and updated excellent book to help you select books for your baby's ages, stages and personality.

Susan, KJ Dell’Antonia (Motherlode Blog) and Rachel Payne (Brooklyn Public Library) proudly offer this revised and updated new edition.

Whether you're a new parent or grand-parent, sibling or friend, aunt or uncle, Reading with Babies, Toddlers and Twos is the definitive guide to choosing, reading and loving books together. It includes new information addressing everything that rapidly changing technologies - ebooks, apps, tablets - can offer todays parents.