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‘Book’ Time With Your Kids

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‘Book’ Time With Your Kids

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‘Book’ Time With Your Kids

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Time spent with your children is priceless

There’s no doubt about it. Time spent with your children is priceless. Reading to your children and encouraging them to read can not only be rewarding but also beneficial. Multiple studies reveal that reading with a parent is good for developing children. Here are a few examples of the benefits:

Children Learn By Example

Online sources such a GreatSchools.org confirm that when you read to your child, your child will want to learn how to read. Your child will want to do what he or she sees you doing. If you do not read then your child will not want to read.

Reading increases child’s attention

When you read to your child it raises your cognitive ability. Reading also increases your child’s attention span. Some pundits profess reading is one of the most valuable and even essential activities children can pick up from observing their parents reading a book, magazine or newspaper.

Children Gain A Rich Vocabulary From Reading

Experts agree that there is a significant difference between reading to your children and chatting with them. Jim Trelease, author of the book the Read-Aloud Handbook, your speech includes different colloquialisms, jargon, and numerous truncated sentences. Books, however, can be a bit more intricate and thus a lot more educational.

Rich language of literature

Trelease states that the language of literature can be quite rich. Books contain complete sentences, too. The language in books, magazines and even in some newspapers can be both more sophisticated and more complicated than daily spoken communication and conversation. Children who are exposed to a more complicated and sophisticated vocabulary has “a giant advantage” over the children who have not heard such words.

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Boosts Communications Skills And Self Esteem

Children who read at an early age will have the ability to communicate with their parents, peers, and teachers. Educators know that children who know how to verbally express themselves are more apt to have a better sense of confidence, a higher academic standing, and a solid self-image. Well-read children are also more likely to express their thoughts verbally prior to being demonstrative or getting angry. Knowledge gained from reading also increases confidence. That confidence creates self-esteem.

Thanks To Those That Help Us Operate

we just wanted to thank a couple of companies who help to provide us with the funs required to keep our free reading program running. We would like to give special thanks to the local wellsfargo branch. We also would like to extend a big thanks to this local car company. They've taken some profits from their car business and helped fund us on numerous occasions.

Now that you know just how important reading is, we hope you will join us. Our free program is an organized series of workshops specifically designed for young parents. Come learn the joys of reading to your children and improve the lives of your children at the same time.